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9/17/2016: Dr. Ross participates as a faculty member and moderator at the International Society for Hip Arthroscopy (ISHA) Annual Meeting

Dr. James Ross was invited to serve as faculty and moderator at the International Society for Hip Arthroscopy (ISHA) Annual Meeting, which took place September 15-17, 2016 in San Francisco, California. The International Society for Hip Arthroscopy (ISHA) was founded in 2008, and consists of a group of individuals from around the world that share the passion for evolving the area of hip preservation surgery. The Annual Meeting is held every year, in various cities and countries across the world, and provides a unique international forum for attendees to share scientific information and learn about the latest advances of arthroscopic and open surgery for hip preservation. The two and a half day meeting included a variety of symposia, lectures and paper presentations.

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Dr. Ross was selected as a faculty member of the Instructional Course Lecture Series titled “Immature Skeletal Hip Arthroscopy and Restoration: Pearls & Pitfalls.” He joined other faculty from Harvard Medical School (Boston), Wake Forest (North Carolina), McMaster University (Canada), and Hong Kong. Dr. Ross presented his talk titled, “Idiopathic Femoroacetabular Impingement in the Adolescent” in which he discussed the unique considerations of the application of hip arthroscopy in this young population with open growth plates. Dr. Ross stated, “Traditionally for many years we attributed hip pain in the young athlete to a pulled muscle or tendon. However with advanced imaging over the years, we have noted cartilage and labral injuries of the hip even in this young population. One must take into consideration the growth plate that remains open, especially when performing the corrective bony procedure.”

He also served as a moderator for the scientific sessions in which research papers were presented to the conference audience. “It is always very exciting to see the current research that is being performed around the world. It is a great opportunity to continue to learn about the advances in the field of hip preservation, but more importantly to stimulate new ideas and innovations for the future.” Dr. Ross is looking forward to the next annual meeting in October 2017, which will be held in Santiago, Chile.

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