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1/14/2017: Dr. Ross participates as a distinguished faculty member at the 2017 Vail Hip Symposium

Dr. James Ross was invited to serve as faculty at the 2017 Vail Hip Symposium which took place January 12-14, 2017 at the Steadman Philippon Research Institute in Vail, Colorado. The Vail Hip Symposium is an annual course that is organized by Marc Philippon, and has world-class faculty that present the most cutting edge, anatomic based reconstruction procedures, along with live cadaveric demonstrations that augments the instructional sessions. This course is a unique course that is offered to physicians who currently preform hip arthroscopy, and are interested in further honing their skills in hip preservation.

In addition to instructing physicians in multiple hands-on cadaver labs, Dr. Ross also presented a talk on "Microfracture of the Hip." Dr. Ross stated, "I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to teach alongside the pioneers in the field of hip arthroscopy, such as Marc Philippon, Thomas Byrd, and Richard Villar. These surgeons were responsible for the development of this surgical technique as we know it today, and I feel truly lucky to have been asked to share my experience and tricks with this challenging procedure." Hip arthroscopy is a rapidly developing surgical technique that is able to be utilized to treat pre-arthritic hip conditions, which may be the source of hip pain. "An appropriate assessment of hip pain is the most critical component to the diagnosis and treatment of hip pain. The hip is a very unique joint in that many disorders can result in pain." Dr. Ross enjoys educating his patients about the various aspects of the hip, and the multiple treatment modalities that are available to treat hip pain, both non-surgical and surgical.

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